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              About us
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                  Company Introduction



                   Located at the Donghua University Science and Technology Park in Lane 365 of Shanghai Xinhua Road, the Shanghai New Fiber Instrument Co., Ltd. has gained achievements in development of textile measurement technology and science research. The XQ Fiber Tensile Tester, XD-1 Fiber Fineness Tester, XH-1 Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Tester, XCP-1 Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester, and XQ-1B Pre-oriented Filament Tensile Tester construct a group of integrated, techno-advanced synthetic fiber testing system.


              Chemical Fiber Testing Apparatus: Four Distinguished Products (in HOT)



              1. XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester

              XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester is the upgraded type of the XQ-1 Fiber Tensile Tester. It is novelly designed and characteristic of high precision and high stability. With the pneumatic clamping and software controlling, it tests automatically, conveniently and high efficiently. Thus, it is now widely used as the standardized fiber tensile tester in chemical fiber manufactories.

              3. XCP-1A Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester

              It is the upgraded type of the XCP-1 Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester. It tests the number of fiber crimps automatically by using the image processing technology and thus eliminates the uncertainty of manually counting. The force precision is 0.1mg, which is ten times the resolution of the old torsion balance apparatus.


               2. XD-1 Vibration Fiber Fineness Tester

              The apparatus measures the linear density of single tested fiber based on the string vibration principle. It is finely constructed and vibrates fast. Moreover, one pretension clamp covers a large range of fiber linear densities. Therefore, it performs much better than the same kinds of apparatus abroad and receives complimentary reviews from consumers.

              4. XH-1 Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Tester

              It measures the difference of the fiber length before and after it is thermally treated using the image method. The apparatus is finely constructed and works with high automation, and the results are precise and reproducible. Further more, the failure rate is quite low.


              Head of R&D: Ruqin Li, professor and Ph.D tutor of Donghua University, receives the State Council Special Allowance.




              Special Chemical Fiber Testing Apparatus

              1. XQ-1C High-strength and High-modulus Fiber Tensile Tester

              This apparatus is used to implement the tensile test of high performance fibers, such as carbon, Kevlar, high-strength polyethylene fibers and so on. When it is connected with the XD-1 Fiber Fineness tester or the XGD-1 Fiber Diameter Tester, the strength, modulus and specific work of the fiber shall be tested.

              4. XQ-1B Pre-oriented Filament Yarn Tensile Tester

              It automatically measures the single values and statistic values of the indices including the natural elongation, EYS1.5, natural extension ratio, maximum extension ratio, breaking force, and breaking elongation.


              2. XG-1A Engineering Fiber Tensile Tester

              The apparatus is used to implement the tensile test of engineering staple fibers with the length less than 6mm. The measured indices include the strength, modulus, specific work of the fibers and so on. The fiber diameter is measured by the associate XGD-1 Fiber Diameter Tester.


              5. XQ-2 Multi-functional Fiber Tensile Tester

              The apparatus is used to measure the tensile strength and elongation of the tested fiber. It can also be used to implement the (circulating) elasticity test at specified elongation, the (circulating) elasticity test at specified force, the stress relaxation test and the creep test of the fiber, especially for elastic fibers.


              3. XQ-1D Light-load Fiber Tensile Tester

              In this apparatus, the high-precision sensors are adopted and the force resolution is high. It is used to test the dry and wet strengths as well as the wet modulus of rayon fibers.




              Filament Yarn Tensile Testing Apparatus


              1. XN-1 Spandex Yarn Tensile and Elasticity Tester

              The apparatus is up to the national standard of testing the elastic recovery ratio of spandex yarns by the circulating elasticity test at specified elongation. It tests automatically and the force is measured with high precision. The apparatus can also be used to test the elastic recovery ratio of spandex yarns with other elasticity test method. 

              2. XL-1A Filament Yarn Tensile Tester

              The apparatus is precisely constructed and the yarn samples are pneumatically clamped. Furthermore, the apparatus tests with high automation and stability. It is used to the tensile test of staple yarns and chemical filament yarns.

              3. XL-2 Multi-functional Filament Yarn Tensile Tester

              This apparatus is the function-extended type of the XL-1A Yarn Tensile Tester. Except for the one time tensile test, it can also be used to implement the (circulating) elasticity test at specified elongation, the (circulating) elasticity test at specified force, the stress relaxation test and the creep test of the objective yarns and so on.



              Video: Single fiber Fineness Tensile Tester          HD Video    Download1     Download2

              Video: The XCP-1 Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester   HD Video   Download1    Download2

               Video: XH-1 Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Tester      HD Video    Download1   Download2 

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                  Maker of textile testing equipment for 20 years, Automatic linear density, crimp and tensile tester for single fiber,

                  Single fiber linear density- (fineness) and tensile tester, Automatic single fiber shrinkage tester.

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